"The Mercenary" short film in Unreal Engine 4.
Mark Hostler's Lamborghini Ferrucio concept car.
All content created with Maya, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine, Unity, Zbrush, Cinema 4D, Photoshop and After Effects.
A Super Saiyan Vegeta model sculpted in zbrush as fan art. The goal was to translate the impact of the traditional 2d art style to a 3D model.
A game-map style mountain range I built in Unity reminiscent of board and isometric games.
A design concept created in Zbrush for an enemy cybernetic creature in my upcoming thesis film. The goal of this project was to experiment with shading and materials to create a metallic, yet human-like skin found on a creature from another world.
A TV bump animation I created with Cinema 4D and After Effects.