Venis and Adonis Remastered
 Venus (bottom left) is depicted as an anorexic lizard-human hybrid with an insatiable hunger for Adonis that is depicted in the original. Wendigo, a Native-American demon of cannibalism, looms over her as she is entranced by Adonis' new form as a filler and creator of voids. This scene occurs in a dimension similar to that of Titian's version, however the ground is reminiscent of elephant flesh and the atmosphere is beyond earthly.

Titania and Quaderaux 
Titania (right) and Quaderaux (left), entities of sex, humiliation and origin.

Hair Mother 
A demon with feminine qualities composed entirely of hair fibers plays with its deceased human-manikin creation and mate.
Omnio Vanitas 

Roughly translates to "all is vain". Omnio is a contemporary intersex demon of vanity, sex appeal and beauty standards brought into existence due to Western influences throughout the world. It feeds on and regurgitates the thoughts of those who are insecure and self conscious. It has light skin, hair, eyes, neither male nor female genitalia and ideal features of both genders today.
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