Dehra Northover  is a 3D generalist and director of" The Mercenary" short film. Over the course of his career as a 3D artist, he implemented techniques from his university studies, mentorships and collaborations with artists and studios in New York City. He is always interested in learning new information about the CG industry and discovering innovations in science, art and math. He earned his BFA in Computer Art, Animation and Visual Effects on May 15th, 2018. His short film "The Mercenary" is a cinematic triple-A video game experience inspired by Marvel motion comics and films such as Alien and Bladerunner. He utilized important elements of storytelling, cinematography, environment layout, character art, lighting, texturing, rendering and narrative in it's creative direction. He strives to greatly contribute to production pipelines of 3D visual experiences for virtual reality, commercials, video games and film.