Motion Designer Reel 
"Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G: Mystic Gold" - Product Animation
00:03 - 00:11 and  00:52 - 00:59
A mockup of an all gold edition of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. I was responsible for previs, animation, lighting, texturing, rendering and look development. 

"Adidas Predator 19+ 25 Year Ground Firm Soccer Cleats" - Product Animation
00:12 - 00:21
I modeled, animated, lit, textured, rendered and developed the look of this piece. Dark futuristic aesthetics complement the palette of the Adida's Predator series Primeknit, Predator Mania curved forefoot pads and debossing. The dry rocky terrain and fiery tones accentuate the featured Fusionskin leather treatment which decreases water absorption.
"Space Sanctuary" - Music Video 
00:22  - 00:29 and 00:51 - 00:56
This is a music video I directed and produced for Argenda Marketing & Advertising.
Two souls attempt to find solace as an unprecedented event disturbs their travel plans. A commentary on the effects the Covid-19 pandemic.
"Idealist Act Button" - Explainer Video
00:30 - 00:33
An explainer animation for the launch of an Idealist initiative to illuminate brand messaging and identity throughout social media. Designed for an investor pitch.

"SteelMclean" - Product Animation
00:34 - 00:38
Hair products created for SteelMclean social media campaigns.

"Donuts TV Bumper" - Commercial Art 
00:39 - 00:47
I created this TV bumper in light of Dunkin Donuts' Re-branding as "Dunkin'", this was designed with functionality as a Instagram loop as well. For this project I utilized my skills in modeling, animation, lighting, texturing, rendering and look development to create a distinct style to accentuate the brand.

"The Home Buyers Guide" - Commercial Art 
00:48 - 00:51
For this Ad I designed storyboards for NYNJ Real Estate and Mortgage First Direct. Once a green light was given I modeled, rigged, animated, lit, textured, rendered and developed the look of all aspects of this piece.
Music: Birocratic
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